Manuka Oil Extract

Leptospermum scoparium,
Triketone concentration of >96%

Tairawhiti (East Cape) Manuka Oil is made up of many different compounds. The key compounds responsible for the high levels of antimicrobial activity in Tairawhiti (East Cape) Manuka Oil have been identified as the “triketones” ; Leptospermone, Iso-leptospermone and Flavesone. These natural compounds are present in our Tairawhiti Manuka Oil at concentrations of 25 to 30 %. (Determined by % peak area of GC-FID) . The other monoterpene and sequiterpene compounds in the oil are less active and have a stronger aroma than the triketones. In some applications where a particularly low aroma is required the Manuka Oils normal aroma may be too strong. For these applications the Manuka Active Concentrate can be used.

Recommended concentration in product: 0,25 % - 2 %